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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What area do you service?

A:  Chesapeake Crime Cleaners covers all of: Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia.  Services also provided in South Florida.

Q:  Who pays for your service?

A:  Most services are covered under your insurance (commerical, homeowners or automobile) and we will work directly with your insurance company.  Ultimately it is the property owners responsibility to pay for the services. We take several credit cards, and have other payment options.  If you are the victim of a crime we can help contact the Victims Crime Advocate in your state they may help pay for our services under certain conditions. If needed we can help you with any of this. "Don't let payment be a factor to having service provided we will work out the finances".

Q: How do we choose the right company to help?

A:  Be aware of FAKES. That are just out to make a "quick buck" off of you and could care less about you as a person. Look at how they DISPOSE of the waste are they themselves "just throwing it in the trash" or do they have the proper means of packaging, storage and disposal to a certified disposal facility?  Do there CERTIFICATION have NOTHING to do with Bio Recovery are they insured as a Crime Cleaning Company or just a Janitorial "house cleaner" service? Are they using that same equipment that was used to clean a bloody scene to come clean your carpets? "IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME" You need to slow down for a second just to make sure you are getting the best people you can for these type of situations.  This could turn into a very serious problem if it is not cleaned, disinfected and disposed of properly. With the Industry growing like it is there are ALOT of companies springing up left and right for all the wrong reasons. There are morals, respect, and ethics involved Chesapeake Crime Cleaners puts people first always.

Q:  Why can't I have my employee's clean up the scene?

A: Biohazards cause safety risks to the health of humans, environment and animals.  Bloodborne pathogen's spread viruses and infection.  Some of these include HIV, tuberculosis and hepatitis.  

Federal Regulations 29CFR1910.1030 states that NO EMPLOYEE can be expected or required to clean up blood contaminated areas without meeting the following requirements

--has completedbloodborne pathogen(BBP)training and been provided with personal protection equipment(PPE)

--has offered a Hepatitis B vaccination with a follow up evaluation

--have a written bloodborne exposure control plan in place.

-- have a method to remove and properly store the bio-hazardous waste in properly marked containers for shipment and disposal by a certified medical waste carrier.

Q: Can I  be penalized if I choose to have my employee clean the scene?

A: YES: Just throwing it in the trash or Non-compliance with 29CFR1910.1030 has resulted in fine's ranging from $7,000-70,000,  more importantly, you are placing your family, friends,employees, customers , neighbor hood and yourself at a potentially serious health risk.

Q: What if I/we just decided to take responsibility and clean a bio-hazardous area anyway?

A: What if you or the people that helped you, got sick and Died. 



35,000 people are infected annually, an infected person may carry the virus for years before symptoms appear. Why take a chance when there is professional help available?

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